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Michael Krapovicky

Michael Krapovicky is a singer and songwriter... and also a multi-instrumentalist, member of multiple touring bands, recording engineer, mastering technician and producer. He has immersed himself in every facet of the music making process. This deep knowledge of “song” proves the cornerstone to well-structured tunes, an intuitive audience connection, and a sound in nearly any room that ranges from folksy, communal light-heartedness to rumbling mug-clashing conviviality.

Michael shines a personal and introspective light into the hidden crevices of his subject matter. He is an effectual communicator and commentator on an oft-overlooked but important and reflective cross-section of the American landscape as is showcased in songs from his pivotal first release, “Lowlife” and his sophomore album "Songs I Lied About."
Michael brings the same pathos to his wide array of cover tunes. His engaging humor and personality act as a virile cable connecting Michael and his music to his audience. He’s as comfortable and effective in a quiet coffee shop as he is at a rowdy aprés-ski party or a Saturday night brewpub and his roster of material shows off his ability to please nearly any crowd.

He’s been featured for his original music on radio and television programs, he’s played in bands that opened for Little Feat, The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, Denny Breau, and many well known Maine-based musicians. He is currently a member of The Grumps and The Smith Collaboration as a bassist - and performs solo throughout the state with his trusty Gibson, Martin and Guild acoustic guitars. 

Above all else, Michael Krapovicky is a full-time, dedicated musician; a man committed to creating a musical guidepost, something that will remain visible on the collective American sightline.