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Second half of the concept album "Summer Thunder" - now out! 

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Songs I Lied About

"Songs I Lied About" is a collection of tunes from Michael Krapovicky's earliest forays into songwriting, and includes new works written during the recording process. The album deals with themes inherent in life and how one deals with them, and encompasses many styles from upbeat pop, bluegrass, folk, and blues, all with a strong focus on the acoustic guitar. Krapovicky cites 70's band America as his chief influence for the sound of his record, as well as the songwriters of the new millennia such as Ray Lamontagne, and Amos Lee. Track 1 features percussion by Eric Bauer, and Track 6 features Scott Rioux on bass and Jason Fogg on slide guitar. Self-produced and recorded, "Songs I Lied About" is currently being promoted with live shows all over New England.


Michael Krapovicky

Songs I Lied About

layitdown productions

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December 17th, 2013



1. on the money

2. flash in the pan

3. kids

4. gloss

5. avalanche

6. the stalker

7. all or nothing

8. rely

9. whiskey soaked gambler

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